Voiceover and ADR in New York City

New York City is one of busiest cities in the world and finding the best voiceover recording studio can be tricky. Location is critical for convenience and efficiency.  Production teams should look for a voiceover and ADR facility with easy access to New York’s public public mass transit system and, ideally, one that is within an easy walk to Broadway’s theater district where so many talented actors are performing every day. Outloud’s superior New York City dialogue stages are conveniently located in Midtown West, near the theater district and all the West Side subways. Our proven voiceover recording expertise is delivered through our highly trained and award-winning staff in a modern, clean, and comfortable facility. As they say, New York doesn’t like to settle, and neither should a casting coordinator or production supervisor who is looking for the best dialogue recording in New York City.

Outloud Audio is Your Premiere Audio Post Production NYC Partner

Outloud Audio is pleased to offer two voice over stages in our New York City location, which are custom built for the best sounding dialogue recording. We offer a full complement of voiceover microphones that mirror those we use on our Los Angeles stages and, most importantly, a staff of full-time engineers who record voiceovers and ADR working with production teams around the world. We record dialogue and ADR for animated television and film and live action television and film, as well as advertising and narration projects.  And our neighborhood, once known as Hell’s Kitchen, now known as Clinton, couldn’t have more to offer! Just downstairs, we have coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping, all within an easy walk to the theatre district, Central Park, or Times Square. And, you can see it all with a view of New York City’s West Side from the facility.

With our deep experience in voiceover, animation dialogue, ADR services, narration recording, and advertising audio; state of the art technology; and so many nearby services, production teams looking for one of the best spots for voiceover recording and ADR services in New York City need look no further than Outloud Audio.