Film and TV Post-Production Managers Expect the Best From ADR Studios in Burbank

Receiving the best results from dialogue post production begins with purpose designed ADR studios in Burbank and the voiceover studio’s staff. Another critically important component of audio post production experience is having access to the gear that will best capture and produce ADR and voiceover that matches exactly to the production spec; gear provides the production and re-recording mixers optimal resources for success on the mix stage.  Shotgun and lav mics are the most central microphones that most productions will need to utilize for post production audio. The best post production studios have a very deep mic locker including all current industry standard mics, such as 416’s, MKH50, CMIT 5U, and the COS-11D, as well as the venerable LDCs, including the U87, TLM 170 and others. When mics don’t match production, mic pre’s are too colored, analog to digital conversion is not pristine, or connectivity options are not consistent with production demands, then the audio quality suffers resulting in sub standard ADR.  When this happens, the work can become strained and difficult and the production can suffer.

The Best ADR Studios in Burbank Have Great Mics, and…

A great mic can only really shine inside a great room. Dialogue recording studios, themselves, need to be purposed designed, floated, and treated to be absolutely quiet. The size of the studio used to capture post audio can be important. Live rooms should be deep enough for long throw and distance when needed to match production audio. Television and film productions are often looking for a certain sound ambience that matches the rest of the audio captured in production, so mic placement, use of treatments, and other variables come into play. ADR studios in Burbank and the voiceover studio’s team must know a great deal about how to make these kinds of adjustments in consultation with the production team.  Mic pre’s should be of the highest quality, with tons of headroom, the lowest distortion specs, and neutrality of color. Recording platforms should be robust, featuring multiple cue options, no latency, and deep and wide data management structures. Multiple fiber, telephone, and internet options with redundant backups round out the technical side of what it means to be among the best ADR and voiceover studios in Burbank and beyond.

ADR Services in Burbank Meet Creative and Technical Needs

Outloud Audio deeply understands these kinds of technical and creative needs for television and film production when it comes to ADR recording and voiceover recording.  With over 15 years of experience on hundreds of productions and with studios in Burbank and New York City, our studio partners with production to provide the very best experience with each and every session.