Outloud Audio provides exceptional ADR mixing (Automated Dialogue Replacement) services on five stages in Los Angeles and two stages in New York City. Every day, our team of full-time staff engineers records ADR on both coasts for live action television and feature films. Supporting dozens of series each season, including critically acclaimed television shows, such as Orange Is The New Black, Homeland, Westworld, NCIS, and Fargo. We are committed to delivering the best recording experience for talent and production by designing our studios for comfort and quality.

The team’s deep experience in shooting dialogue makes for easy placement back at the mix stage. Our production mic vault includes multiple Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken, and Countryman mics. ISDN, Source Connect, Skype, Google Hangouts, and phone patch can keep remote sessions connected every step of the way.

Animation Dialogue Recording

With seven dialogue stages, including ensemble recording rooms in both NYC and LA, Outloud Audio is honored to record dialogue for some of the most popular animated productions in the world. Our team of staff engineers have worked on hundreds of episodes of animated television for partners, such as Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, along with animated films for Laika, Paramount, and Sony. In addition to dialogue recording, we provide complete editorial, sound design, and mixing. We also provide SAG-AFTRA Signatory Services.


We are a Grammy nominated and Audie winning production and QC partner for many publishers, including Audible and Random House. Our engineers have hundreds of hours of experience working on audiobooks. We excel at tracking, editing, QC, and mastering. Our studios include purpose-built rooms for audiobook recording. We provide all services from standalone tracking or QC to full production. Notable projects include Kenneth Branaugh’s reading of Heart of Darkness, Claire Danes’ performance of The Handmaid’s Tale, Samuel Jackson’s delivery of A Rage in Harlem, along with many other titles performed by today’s most talented actors and top audiobook narrators.


From voiceover recordings by Bryan Cranston, Terry Crews, and Sean Bean and clients such as McDonalds, Mercedes, and Old Spice, our engineers capture the best performances and sweeten and mix your spots to perfection. We also provide sound design, mix, and music search at our facilities in New York City and Los Angeles.


Outloud Audio provides stereo and 5.1 mixing in LA and NYC with Source Connect for clients who prefer remote monitoring. Our team was nominated for an International Emmy for our mix of the Peanuts shorts collection, featuring hundreds of episodes appearing on Boomerang for Turner Broadcasting.

Loop Group

From our group stages in Los Angeles, Outloud Audio records loop group for many of the shows for which we also shoot Principal ADR. Productions include: NCIS, Homeland, Scorpion, Modern Family, The Affair, and This is Us. Our loop group stages feature multiple cueing systems and options for suiting up wirelessly.