Highest quality audio post production. Exceptional service. All in a comfortable state-of-the-art environment.

''Our studio is a place where clients and talent can focus on the craft of telling incredible stories.”

– Mark Kondracki, Principal



  • Dialogue recording for animated television and film

  • ADR for live action and animated television and film

  • Re-recording mixing

  • Sound design

  • Dialogue editorial

  • Narration

  • Audiobooks

  • ISDN, Source Connect, and phone patch sessions

  • SAG-AFTRA signatory services

  • Casting

  • Voiceover recording

  • and more…


For over a decade, our approach has been to understand each project, understand each client’s needs, and provide superior client service. Our studios in New York and Los Angeles are modern, comfortable, and clean, providing you with the highest quality experience and audio deliverables on both coasts. Using IP-based video services, we enable production teams to see and interact with talent in both of our locations while monitoring audio capture in full bandwidth via ISDN or Source Connect.

We then tailor our editing services to your workflow specifications. We also work with other audio studios across the U.S., Canada, and Europe to facilitate your project with talent or production team members around the globe.



Our team of audio engineers and other staff are trained directly by principal engineer, Mark Kondracki. Mark has worked on a variety of award winning TV shows, films, and audiobooks, as well advertising and video games. He engages with every project that comes through our studio doors. Mark has a unique ability to connect to a director’s or producer’s creative vision for a project. To that end, he is committed to collaborating to draw out a project’s creative audio needs whether in narration, dialogue, looping, sound design, music, or other media.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with honors, from Columbia University in the City of New York. He is passionate about giving back to the communities where he lives and works and enjoys being a magician member at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles.


  • Angie Cavallo
    studio services manager
  • Evelyn Cools
    runner/audio assistant
  • Steve Frend
    senior staff engineer
  • Kyle Gaffney
    staff engineer
  • Rodrigo Galván
    senior staff mixer
  • Nikki Horgen
    studio services assistant
  • Jordan King
    senior staff engineer
  • Hilary Long
    senior staff engineer
  • Peter Mack
    staff engineer
  • Sondra Mayer
    project manager
  • Rhona Medina
    studio director
  • Simon Sampath-Kumar
    senior staff engineer
  • Stiv Schneider
    senior staff engineer
  • Carly Stipek
    studio manager
  • Jun Torii
    senior staff engineer