ADR for film Los Angeles

Los Angeles…Hollywood…The center of the world for movies.  Did you know that 50% of the experience of great cinema is great sound? And, the most critical sound in the movies is the human voice. When directors and sound supervisors need to replace (ADR) or add (loop group) dialogue to film, they need audio post production pros with both technical and interpersonal skills, the right equipment, and a well-stocked mic locker to flawlessly recreate audio for their ADR film projects.

Post production supervisors and coordinators know firsthand the value that a great ADR studio, like Outloud Audio, can add to a production. First things first, an audio studio’s engineers must be experts at live action dialogue capture, editing, and synch. The audio studio must be easy to book, provide the highest quality rooms and equipment, and quickly turn around deliverables. When A-list talent arrives, everything needs to be prepped and ready to go.

ADR for Film in the Burbank Studio

But, the best quality ADR goes beyond replacing words or lines that may not have been clearly picked up on location. For example, a client recently worked with us to replace the dialogue in an entire scene for a high profile project because the director wanted a different performance from the actor. This type of request is difficult on many levels, because the video and visual performance are fixed in the edited picture. The ADR process for a request like this requires detailed work by the director, the audio engineer, and actor to authentically match what the viewer will see on screen. That’s why our ADR mixers must understand all the nuances of the required audio capture and be able to work seamlessly with other creative professionals to achieve the best performance possible.

At Outloud Audio’s post production studios in Burbank, we always focus on the elements of technical and interpersonal expertise, delivery, and service to bring the best recording experience in LA to our clients. We want each production and every actor to feel completely taken care of and enjoy the process of capturing great dialogue as much as we do!