Microphones, a Love Story

Microphones may be the most important tool we have to help us deliver the perfect audio performance for our TV, film and VO projects. From large diaphragm condensers to shotguns and lavs, we own many of the industry’s beloved voiceover microphones and multiple sets of all the coveted live sound mic packages for matching pre-recorded live performances for ADR.

I like to match the characteristics and performance capabilities of the mic with the specific source and production goal. For instance, we always match the mic’s used in production with the mic’s we use on the stage. In addition, we will work with the talent and sound supervisor to catch the pitch, energy, and axis delivery of the source performance, so integration in the final picture is 100% seamless.  If you love microphones and mic history, catch up with me on this topic. I’ll be happy to share my enthusiasm for mic options during your next visit to our dialogue stages in New York City or Los Angeles.   —Mark